Hannah understands


So, last weekend, my friend Hannah came over for a chat. Normally, we see each other every Friday morning when we meet up with The Breakfast Club to talk kids, husbands, autism, and wife/mom life. But today, she was coming over armed with a tape measure and expertise on remodeling.

We’ve been planning to remodel this home since we moved in a few years ago, but with Tim in Law School, it just wasn’t a possibility. Now we were ready to get a price quote and get this done either this summer or next.

As Hannah and I walked through the house, I was trying to paint her a picture of what I wanted with many awkward sweeping arm waves and hand movements. (Which to some probably looked like a terrible version of college interpretive dance.) But Hannah understands, she began to put price tags on all my ideas. Poor Tim had to take a break part of the way through. Why do I have such expensive taste? I won’t apologize for it, but I wonder why, ya know? Hannah gets it, we commiserate standing in my kitchen at how we just like to have things a certain way to feel at home in our space. It’s nice to work with Hannah, she and I jive on the same wavelength, and I know I can trust her.

Anyway, I’ll link my Pinterest Board here so that you can get a peek at the aesthetic we’re going for. I’m really REALLY hoping we can do this, this summer…we will see. My sexy accountant is crunching the numbers to see if it’s possible. (Tim, my sexy accountant is Tim. Just wanted to make sure we were clear on this.)

Will keep you posted! Check out my Pinterest Board and tell me what you think! Am I being outrageous??