Why Having Fun Comes First...

The other night, Tim and I made an appearance at a local Bridal Boutique, Remi Raine for their one year anniversary. We expected to show up, make the rounds to the vendors there, network and meet some new people, and see a few people we knew. One of the reasons I love Remi Raine is Emily. She is this amazing person who runs the social media and does photo shoots for them etc. She is a doll, and is awesome to work with. The shots below are her work! You can find here here>>> https://www.emilyvance.com/


Anyway, that was what we were expecting from this evening. But I always expect fun, and new adventures wherever I go. I expect that I will be presented with fun opportunities, because I make fun a priority. So I was excited, but not really shocked, when Emily approached me part of the way through the evening and asked if I would like to walk in their fashion show happening later that night. I said “yes” of course, because that’s another thing I do. I say “yes” to things that I love, things I find fun, and things that are new. Walking in a fashion show, while not a new thing, was still something fun that I love. Then a few minutes later, she came rushing back asking if Tim would also like to be in the show to “walk me down the aisle” as the finale of the show. Fun is something he is working on (getting a lot better, but still working on) and sometimes he struggles to be spontaneous. But he agreed to walk with me. I think secretly he was hoping to be asked, but maybe that’s just me.


Next, I was presented with a few dresses to choose from, and though none of them were really “my style,” I chose a beautiful dress and it was put with the other dresses for the show. When it was time for all the models to get dresses, I stood waiting for my turn. While I was gazing at all the gowns on the rack that had been labeled with names, I saw a dress that made my stomach flip flop. It had a vintage feel to it. It was perfect. But my name wasn’t on it. I wished for it to come to me if that was the dress I was meant to wear, and honestly- I believed it was. A minute later, my original dress got swapped out for another dress that they were hoping would fit me, and it was beautiful, but wasn’t “my dress.” I happily tried it on, knowing that somehow I would be wearing that beautiful vintage looking gown. Sure enough, the new dress was too big and from the other side of the dressing room door, Emily said, “Well, here! Now you get to wear that amazing dress you were looking at!” And I literally almost laughed out loud as I slipped the vintage flavored dress on and it fit PERFECTLY. Of course it did. Because I knew it would.


Tim was a bit surprised when he saw me, since I was wearing a completely different dress than the one I sent back to the fitting rooms. I was all smiles, feeling like an absolute princess, knowing that I was supported in that moment, and knowing it was because I choose to have fun, and make having fun a priority. We both had so much fun, and we will remember this date night for a long time.

Are you uncomfortable yet??

Many people get super uneasy when you talk about making fun a priority. Because we’ve been so conditioned to believe that “nothing good comes easy”, that struggling is this badge of honor we wear in superiority, and that you work first-play later, we often put fun at the bottom of our priority list. We’ve learned to associate busy-ness, stress and riding the struggle bus with being responsible.


What if these things weren’t prerequisites for your success? What if by believing your success in life was inevitable, and so you showed up in that energy? Instead of that energy of striving, of killing ourselves over being successful, what if what mattered was “how we show up” not “what are we doing”??

Show up expecting fun. Prioritize it. More fun= more money, better sex,…need I go on?? But seriously, make having fun the most important thing. Bringing that joy to all you do, will ensure that you’re open to only those things that serve you, that bring you more fun and more of all the good things that you get to have.





I have a few trips coming up on the horizon, and I’m always worried about taking my wedding rings on vacay. I’m not a super sentimental person when it comes to material things, but my wedding ring? I’d prefer to keep that safe. Not to mention I’m a pretty fluid person, and like to change up my clothes, hair and vibe often! I love having variety in my life. I think it’s a newer thing that millennials have really perpetuated, to remove some of the more rigid traditions around wedding rings. It’s not uncommon for brides to have several that they change out depending on their mood or #OOTD. Plus a lot of millennials just don’t have the cash to spend thousands on wedding rings. So we’re opting for more cost effective options. I’ve looked at other options before, I have had countless cubic zirconium rings that have tarnished and lost their shine and were super cheap looking. (ew, no thank you!) It’s so hard to find a good diamond simulant, but OMG guys…I found it!!! One company that absolutely NAILS it. And the best news?? They are a fraction of the cost of real diamonds.


This is my new GORGEOUS silver engagement ring from Tiger Gems. Isn’t she a beauty?? I literally spent forEVER looking on their website trying to choose one! I chose this amazing round cut solitaire ring (you can find my set here) that is simple and bold just the way I like my jewelry! Be sure to use code: TimAsh for a sweet discount when you treat yo’self!

Also be sure to check out the Tiger Gems YouTube Channel for some pretty amazing videos where people were seriously unable to tell which ring had real diamonds and which were Tiger Gems’ simulated ones!

Yes, they are that good!

These amazing pieces are perfect to take on vacation, to add to your wedding jewelry collection, and as a perfect option for those blingin’ on a budget. (You’re welcome!!)

Sparkle on, babe-